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Energy Tuning Visualizer (Energy Plugin)

The visualizer shows the effect on the execution time and energy consumption of a sample application (search of a subfigure within the original image) running in the background when changing the frequency of the processor, where the application runs.

The complexity (how busy the processor is) of the fictive algorithm running in the background is correlated with the complexity (how busy a human is)  of the search of a subfigure within the original image. It is possible to choose one out of 5 complexities (search of different subfigures). A click on the “GO” button calculates the time and energy of that particular complexity for each of the five considered frequencies, and displays the obtained results (execution time and energy consumption). It is worth noticing that all results for energy consumption and running time for the selected application are approximated values based on measurements of a realistic HPC application. Click here to see the EnergyTuningVisualizer.

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