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Periscope Tuning Framework

Comiler Flags Selection Tuning with the CFS Plugin

  • CFS Overview
    This video gives an overview of the application of the Compiler Flag Selection plugin. It demonstrates the required configuration in the configuration file, the execution and the obtained results for the BT-MZ benchmark of the NPB benchmark suite.
  • CFS: Selective Make
    The CFS plugin of PTF offers selective make to speed up the application build process during tuning. Applications spend 90% of the time in 10% of the code. Only those files need to be recompiled during the experiments.
  • CFS: Remote Make
    On some system it is not possible to recompile the application on the compute nodes. Therefore, the CFS plugin supports offloading the build process to another system.

MPI Tuning with the MPI Parameters Plugin

  • MPI Parameters Overview
    The Message Passing Interface is the most important programming model for HPC applications. MPI libraries provide a large number of parameters that can be tuned for best performance. This plugin allows to automatically find the best application-specific settings for those parameters.

Energy Tuning with the DVFS Plugin

  • Choosing the objective for energy tuning
    Reducing the energy consumption of an application might lead to a prolongation of the application run. This video explains how to choose the objective fitting the user’s needs best.
  • Energy Tuning with the PTF DVFS Plugin
    Energy efficiency of HPC application is very important. The Periscope Tuning Framework provides the DVFS plugin that tune energy consumption of HPC applications based on Dynamic Voltage and Frequency Scaling.

Tuning Master Worker Application with the Master Worker Plugin

  • MW Overview
    The Master Worker Plugin of the Periscope Tuning Framework focuses on tuning application following this common parallel pattern. It is based on a performance model for predicting the best partitioning of the entire workload and the best number of workers to use.

Tuning Pipeline Applications with the Parallel Pattern Plugin

  • Tuning Pipeline Applicatons with the PTF Parallel Patterns Plugin
    High-level parallel programming in the PEPPHER approach is based on parallel components. This plugin tunes aipplications for accelerated systems based on the pipeline pattern.
  • Focused Tuning
    The focused tuning feature of the PTF Parallel Patterns plugin allows to restrict the search to the limiting stage of the pipeline. This significantly speeds up the search.

Tuning OpenCL Applications with the OpenCL NDRange Plugin

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