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AutoTune Project

Periscope Tuning Framework

The aim of the project was the development of performance and energy efficiency tuning plugins fothPeriscope tool.

This project had received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration.




  • Combine analysis and tuning in the Periscope Tuning Framework
  • Tune codes to improve performance and energy efficiency
  • Support multicore and GPU accelerated parallel systems


  • Predefined tuning strategies combineperformance analysis and tuning plugins
  • Detected performance and energycharacteristics are forwarded to plugins
  • Tuning plugins focus on
    • Compiler based optimization
    • HMPP tuning for GPUs
    • Parallel pattern tuning
    • MPI tuning
    • Energy efficiency tuning




Funding by European Union FP7 project no. 288038
Duration: 2011-10-15  to 2015-04-14
Contact: Michael Gerndt <>


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