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Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB)


Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona is one of the Excellence Universities of Spain. The Computer Science departments integrated into the Engineering School have over 90 professors, and about 1700 bachelor and master students. The Computer Architecture and operating Systems Department (CAOS) has been working in the field of parallel processing for over 20 years. It currently comprises four full professors, 9 associate professors and more than 30 scientists.


CAOS‘s main research area is a high performance computation and its application to the science and computational engineering. In particular, it contains a group of researchers that focuses on dynamic performance tuning. This group has developed a dynamic performance analysis and tuning tool called MATE. Moreover, it has defined a set of performance models for Master/Worker and pipeline applications. The line is being under investigation for more than 10 years and it has given significant results in HPC computing. The group has participated in several Copernicus projects, as well as APART and APART 2. The main funding is obtained currently from one project from the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science (MEC).


UAB will bring its experience in dynamic analysis and tuning of parallel applications. In particular, it will provide its knowledge about MPI applications, parallel programming patterns and dynamic instrumentation and tuning. UAB is the main developer of MATE (Monitoring, Analysis and Tuning Environment), and hence it will provide the familiarity in developing this kind of tools.

Key personnel

Anna Morajko is an Assistant Professor in the Computer Architecture and Operating System Department at Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain (UAB). She got the BS degree in computer science in 1999 from Technical University of Wroclaw (Poland). She got the MSc in computer science in 2001 and in 2004 the PhD in computer science, both from Autonomous University of Barcelona (Spain).

Since 1999 her investigation is related to parallel and distributed computing. Her current main interests are focused on high performance parallel applications, automatic performance analysis and dynamic tuning. She has been involved in programming tools for automatic and dynamic performance tuning on cluster, Grid and large scale systems.

Result dissemination and exploitation

UAB has been developing dynamic analysis and tuning tools for many years. One of the main goals of the investigation is to define tuning techniques to overcome performance bottlenecks and incorporate them into the MATE environment. The AutoTune project considers a set of methods on how to integrate tuning plugins to cover many aspects of improving the application performance. Our group expects the project to develop a new set of tuning techniques, in particular for MPI and pattern-based applications. In this way, we can cover a wider set of parallel applications and solve their performance bottleneck on the fly. In consequence, we can help to the more non-expert users of parallel applications.

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